Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living the life?

Went to Mom and Bobbie's for the weekend. Had a good visit with several cousins, my Aunt and a couple of friends. It had been a while since we had been down and it was great to get away. One of Carrie's closest friends came down Saturday and brought Folio. For those of you who don't know, he was Carrie's guide dog for around 10 years. He was the one with her until the end. He is now almost 14 and would have been retired from guide work. He is deaf, going blind, has arthritis, and fat, fat, fat. He loves it. As soon as he pulled up to Mom's he knew where he was and got very excited. It was great to see him but also sad. I have never seen him without my sister. He is happy , very happy. Kellie and her husband have other dogs and cats and they all go for walks every evening around the park. He is loved on and cared for. I think he is good for Kellie too. She and Carrie were very close and caring for Folio helps. We stay in touch and that is great for all of us. I was worried about Folio when Carrie died. He went to another friends for a long time but wasn't happy there at all. I don't think Kellie was happy either. Now both are together and living a life they both love. We all need someone to love us unconditionally, take care of our needs and know we are special. Folio found that and he is thriving ( as much as a 14 year old dog can). I have found it in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, but I tend to forget. Maybe I am deaf and blind all too often to my blessing He pours out for me. I need to only focus on Him. Folio knows he is safe with Kellie around, if he can't see it or hear it she can, she will even carry him when he needs it, like up the stairs at my mom's house. I need to do that. Trust my Savior to hear and see what I can't and just stay close to Him, then I too will be living the life. Even if I am deaf and blind, my Jesus isn't. My life isn't perfect but I can be content, Folio is and his life hasn't been perfect either. I know he is a dog, but it was a great reminder for me.

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