Friday, October 31, 2008

Nathaniel's point of view

This morning Nathaniel and I were running around playing tag. We started running down the stairs (ramp really) to get to our part of the house, when he told me I couln't run. Now I have done this many times before so I was a little surprised at this. I asked him why he could run and mommy couldn't, it didn't seem fair. He said without any hesitation (I wish he would have at least a little) that I was fat. I even asked again to make sure I heard right. He said again that I was fat and couldn't run down the ramp I might get hurt. Now I will be the first to admit I have gained all the weight back that I had lost last year (something I am not happy about) but I didn't think it was THAT obvious. The worst part of the whole thing is I started laughing and immediately wanted to share the story with Carrie. She would have rolled!!!! I know I can post it here and I am grateful but most of you will not appreciate it the way Carrie would and besides I don't get to hear laughter. Well this was suppose to be a fun post and now I am getting depressed so I think I will go chase a little boy. Apparenly I need it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

sweet tooth

Yesterday Levi wanted to help make a snack for his boyscout troop, so he could earn a badge. He also likes to eat and make anything that is junk food. The snacks were a hit. We made marshmallow lollipops ( this is a real recipe that I found on line). They were all orange, green, white, and red, very sweet (too sweet if you ask me). They don't usually get snacks at scouts. On the way home Levi was talking about the lollipops and said in all seriousness "which tooth is my sweet tooth? I have heard about it but how can I tell which one it is?" He has a loose tooth and I should have said that was the one. Maybe that would help cut down on the junk. I just told him that it was an expression we used. Then he asked "if he had a sweet tooth"! Come on, it is sooo obvious that he does. He loves sweets, maybe he still didn't believe me about it being just a saying.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuscon trip

Monday and Tuesday I went to Sahuarita and Tucson. Time for my braces to be tightened. I go to spend Monday with my Mom and Bobbie. I always love this. I get to laugh a lot and it feels good. My sister is a treasure, even more so now. She does not like sappy stuff so I don't get mushy with her but I know that she feels the same and we do talk about it, especially since Carrie is gone. We don't want to lose each other. We do joke about who gets to go next. It better be me!!! I don't want to go through any more for a LONG,LONG time!!!
Tuesday Nathaniel and I went to Tucson and after my appointment we got to spend most of the day with my friend Meta. She is a true friend. She has been through a lot of her own crap and is a great source of inspiration. Her faith in God and her love for others is very real. She also took Nathaniel and I for a ride in Rocket. That is the side car of her scooter named Stella. She took pictures so hopefully when I get them I can share them. Nathaniel looked great in the leather jacket and helmet. We had a blast. She also has one of Carrie's dogs, Thor. It was good to see him. They are taking good care of him and he seems very happy.
It was a fun couple of days but it is also good to be home. We have a busy week and lots to do. I will chat again soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

what am I owed?

I have been asking God to show me what He would have me learn with all that has and is happening in my life this last year or so. You all know that I am trying to be content in ALL circumstances and that I know God is telling me to wait on Him and trust His timing. Well now there is more stuff that He is showing me. It isn't always what I want to hear but I know that I need to and I am grateful that I am hearing from God. I don't feel that I am going through a dry spell with God; I hear Him just fine, praise God. As long as I stay focused on Christ and His Word I do ok, even when everything around me seems unfair and difficult.
We live in a society that teaches us "it is all about me" and '' nothing is my fault, blame someone else". I may not understand why a lot of things happen to us in this world, but I do know that the God of everything, the great I AM is in control and He does not owe me a thing. We live in a sinful, fallen world that is full of Satan and his demons. This life is not all there is (wether we believe it or not). This is Satan's playground for now but God will overcome!!! If God never gave me anything else from now until my death I would still be blessed beyond measure!! Because I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and have admitted that I am a sinner lost without Him ( Ephesians 2:8-9, John 3:16) I have eternal life with Him!! He didn't have to give it to me but He loves me enough to do it (He loves YOU too!) We are here because God loves us and wants us to worship Him. He has blessed me in so many ways here on Earth that I should never complain. Remember this in the only Hell a child of the King of kings will ever know... but it is the only Heaven a lost person will know. It is all a matter of perpective. I pray that everyone who reads this is a child of The Great I AM. If you have any questions please ask!! Your life is at stake. I love you all! I am blessed!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

evil men prosper

I have heard a lot about the economy and how unfair and angry people are about things happening here in the U.S. and with the election. I have heard about the AIG people spending absurd amounts of money at spa's after the passing of the HUGE amount of money to bail them out. Let me say I do think it is wrong. However the first thing that honestly went through my head was, " that is as good as it gets for them". If they do not know Christ as Lord of their life then they will eventually perish and spend eternity in Hell. I have eternity with my Lord and Savior and that is better than any spa can cost! I need to pray for such people and remember why I am here. Christ doesn't owe me anything. He was perfect and He suffered in ways I can't even imagine. I am blessed beyond messure ( my family, food, running vehicles, health, etc.) and I am not even in Heaven yet! Remember God is in control and for some people this is as good as it ever gets, let them have a spa, they will suffer for eternity. Stay focused and tell others of Christ, please!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

raisins and sunflower seeds

Yesterday Nathaniel and I went shopping. It takes a while because he is 3 and potty training (he did go at the store and he even told me he had to go without asking !!!!)also I try and find only what I need and is on sale. Money is tight so I try and be creative. With the holidays fast aproaching it is even more difficult. I try not to buy junk but a lot of times it is a lot cheaper and makes the money go farther. Not good for us to eat all that junk, especially Jennifer. Anyway I have raisins andI also have sunflower seeds. They are still in the shell, which makes it more work, but they are cheaper and keep Jennifer busy so she doesn't eay as many. It works for me too. Nathnaniel just likes to get into things and make mischif ( have I mentioned that?).
This is when I need Carrie here to tell it too and she can laugh and give me a better perspectve. Apparently, I left Nathaniel to his own devices for too long. I went into the bathroom to make sure everything was ok and I found the sink drain stuffed with raisins and sunflower seeds, all wet and very messy. I was NOT happy and didn't sound too happy when I found it. Carrie would have laughed until she choked, and then told me this is all I ever wanted. Of course she is correct and today it does seem a lot funnier than last night. I need to learn the proper perspective sooner I think, especially since Carrie isn't here to tell all of Nathaniels exploits too.
Have a great day and don't take messes too seriously. God is great at cleaning them up...I know!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fair

Last weekend we took the kids to the county fair. I use to love going, I was even in 4H and FFA for a while. We went on the last day of the fair. The kids had a ball. They loved the rides especially Nathaniel. We were not sure if he was ready but he proved to be a little dare devil and loved every minute. We tried to go to the exhibits and all the animals were already gone, I was bummed. There also was not the amount or variety of arts, crafts and food that I remember. I guess as a society we just are not doing those kinds of things any more. Sewing, canning, etc. used to be a necessity but now it is a dying art and it isn't cheap. It doesn't make economic sense like it use to. We also do not teach our kids how, Moms work and we are too busy to bother. It is sad to me that the fair has changed so much. My kids had a great time but all that they cared about was the midway, that use to be my least favorite area. We are so entertainment driven that we don't seem to enjoy the simpler things. Boy am I sounding old! I am glad we went and I know that we made great memories for our kids and I guess that is what is important, and besides it got us away from the TV for an afternoon. That in itself is a good thing for all of us! Just spending time together made it a great fair!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

long day

Yesterday was very busy for me. I took Nathaniel to story time, something he loves to do. Yesterday however he wasn't interested in sitting still and listening. In a loud voice while the librarian was reading Nathaniel asked "aren't we done yet?" I was a little embarrassed. Thankfully the librarian knows us and knows Nathaniel usually loves to listen. I think the problem was he knew we were going to the park afterwards. He has been begging for a few days. We usually go at least once a week but when I got sick it stopped.

We also had friends over for dinner. This is the first time. I don't invite people because it isn't my house. Now let me say, my mother-in-law is great about giving us space and making us feel welcome. I just don't feel like I can have company very easily. She is visiting her sister so yesterday was perfect for it. We also had friends over that she dosen't care much for.
We had a good time but I was very tired when all is said and done. I do love my mother-in-law and I am very grateful to her for letting us move in, especially with the economy like it is. I think this is good for all of us here. God is teaching me a lot with my mother-in-law, but that is for another blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hard day

Today Nathaniel and I are cleaning. He loves to help. He is also the reason for a lot of the cleaning. When he takes a bath it is like a tidal wave in the bathroom. Paul said we may even have to pull up the tile because water is getting under them. Nathaniel is now wearing underwear ( Diego to be exact) if I tell him to go he is fine but it I don't tell him about every 30 minutes then we have wet clothes. He still doesn't care and just says he needs clean ones. Sometimes he doesn't even care they are wet and I have to make him change. He loves dancing around the room naked and singing. He also loves to tell me stories.
Today is hard for me. I got Jennifer and Levi ready for school. Jennifer has crazy hair day so she has 5 ponytails all over her head. As soon as they were gone I wanted to call Carrie and tell her about Jennifer's hair. It seems to be getting harder not having her here. Everything I always share with her is just building up. Nathaniel told me not to cry Aunt Carrie is just moving to her new house and we can see her soon. Such wisdom from him. Levi still has here phone number memorized, that is how often we called her. He has known it since he was 4. I didn't expect today to be hard. It took me by surprise. I have others I talk to but it doesn't replace Carrie.
Now that Nathaniel isn't wearing diapers I miss having a baby. I know it sounds crazy, it just makes it real that my kids are growing up. I love that Nathaniel is growing up ( I don't want to change diapers on a 4 year old) but I also miss a lot of the baby stuff. Isn't that typical, never happy with what we have. It just goes back to being content in all circumstances. I am still learning.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, it has been a while. I have been sick. I thought maybe it was allergies, something I really don't fight, but they grow cotton here and it is harvest time so I thought that was my problem. I finally went to the Dr. when I started running a fever and Paul threatened me. I have an infection and now have antibiotics in me. The drugs have also made me queasy, but I am feeling better now, actually better than I have in a few weeks. I didn't realize how yuck I had gotten until I started feeling better.
The kids had Friday and today off, so a 4 day weekend. It would have been nice to go somewhere but money is tight and I didn't feel like going anywhere until yesterday. Today I am taking them to the library, I am fortunate that they are still young enough to think this is a treat. We really do have great library. It is the best I have seen for activities ( game nights, science labs, story and crafts, computer classes; free to the public, etc.) They even have a gift shop that the proceeds go to the library fund and no fines for late books! They said they do better with straight donations. I should be back on track tomorrow when Jennifer and Levi are back in school. Hopefully no one else gets sick, although Paul was coughing a lot this morning before leaving for work!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Jennifer and I went to the dentist in Tucson last week (there isn't one in Safford who takes our insurance. Everything went well for both of us. Jennifer has no cavities which is a praise and a surprise. We are still praying for friends and I know she is getting discouraged. This week should be pretty slow for us ( I hope). I am tired but seem to be in better spirits. It is time to do the nightly prayer and tucking in of the kids so this will be short. I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow.