Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fair

Last weekend we took the kids to the county fair. I use to love going, I was even in 4H and FFA for a while. We went on the last day of the fair. The kids had a ball. They loved the rides especially Nathaniel. We were not sure if he was ready but he proved to be a little dare devil and loved every minute. We tried to go to the exhibits and all the animals were already gone, I was bummed. There also was not the amount or variety of arts, crafts and food that I remember. I guess as a society we just are not doing those kinds of things any more. Sewing, canning, etc. used to be a necessity but now it is a dying art and it isn't cheap. It doesn't make economic sense like it use to. We also do not teach our kids how, Moms work and we are too busy to bother. It is sad to me that the fair has changed so much. My kids had a great time but all that they cared about was the midway, that use to be my least favorite area. We are so entertainment driven that we don't seem to enjoy the simpler things. Boy am I sounding old! I am glad we went and I know that we made great memories for our kids and I guess that is what is important, and besides it got us away from the TV for an afternoon. That in itself is a good thing for all of us! Just spending time together made it a great fair!!

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