Thursday, October 30, 2008

sweet tooth

Yesterday Levi wanted to help make a snack for his boyscout troop, so he could earn a badge. He also likes to eat and make anything that is junk food. The snacks were a hit. We made marshmallow lollipops ( this is a real recipe that I found on line). They were all orange, green, white, and red, very sweet (too sweet if you ask me). They don't usually get snacks at scouts. On the way home Levi was talking about the lollipops and said in all seriousness "which tooth is my sweet tooth? I have heard about it but how can I tell which one it is?" He has a loose tooth and I should have said that was the one. Maybe that would help cut down on the junk. I just told him that it was an expression we used. Then he asked "if he had a sweet tooth"! Come on, it is sooo obvious that he does. He loves sweets, maybe he still didn't believe me about it being just a saying.

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