Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuscon trip

Monday and Tuesday I went to Sahuarita and Tucson. Time for my braces to be tightened. I go to spend Monday with my Mom and Bobbie. I always love this. I get to laugh a lot and it feels good. My sister is a treasure, even more so now. She does not like sappy stuff so I don't get mushy with her but I know that she feels the same and we do talk about it, especially since Carrie is gone. We don't want to lose each other. We do joke about who gets to go next. It better be me!!! I don't want to go through any more for a LONG,LONG time!!!
Tuesday Nathaniel and I went to Tucson and after my appointment we got to spend most of the day with my friend Meta. She is a true friend. She has been through a lot of her own crap and is a great source of inspiration. Her faith in God and her love for others is very real. She also took Nathaniel and I for a ride in Rocket. That is the side car of her scooter named Stella. She took pictures so hopefully when I get them I can share them. Nathaniel looked great in the leather jacket and helmet. We had a blast. She also has one of Carrie's dogs, Thor. It was good to see him. They are taking good care of him and he seems very happy.
It was a fun couple of days but it is also good to be home. We have a busy week and lots to do. I will chat again soon.

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