Thursday, October 23, 2008

evil men prosper

I have heard a lot about the economy and how unfair and angry people are about things happening here in the U.S. and with the election. I have heard about the AIG people spending absurd amounts of money at spa's after the passing of the HUGE amount of money to bail them out. Let me say I do think it is wrong. However the first thing that honestly went through my head was, " that is as good as it gets for them". If they do not know Christ as Lord of their life then they will eventually perish and spend eternity in Hell. I have eternity with my Lord and Savior and that is better than any spa can cost! I need to pray for such people and remember why I am here. Christ doesn't owe me anything. He was perfect and He suffered in ways I can't even imagine. I am blessed beyond messure ( my family, food, running vehicles, health, etc.) and I am not even in Heaven yet! Remember God is in control and for some people this is as good as it ever gets, let them have a spa, they will suffer for eternity. Stay focused and tell others of Christ, please!!!

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Deborah said...

Praise God we are on His team and not the team of greed. Praise God He's allowed us our fortune by shedding His blood for us. I don't have to pay taxes on the fortune I have now and lets talk about my inheritance, no greedy tax collector will ever see a smidge of my inheritance. The CEO's of AIG can keep their money. My insurance or better word assurance is in the Lord, what better place to put my stock in.