Wednesday, October 22, 2008

raisins and sunflower seeds

Yesterday Nathaniel and I went shopping. It takes a while because he is 3 and potty training (he did go at the store and he even told me he had to go without asking !!!!)also I try and find only what I need and is on sale. Money is tight so I try and be creative. With the holidays fast aproaching it is even more difficult. I try not to buy junk but a lot of times it is a lot cheaper and makes the money go farther. Not good for us to eat all that junk, especially Jennifer. Anyway I have raisins andI also have sunflower seeds. They are still in the shell, which makes it more work, but they are cheaper and keep Jennifer busy so she doesn't eay as many. It works for me too. Nathnaniel just likes to get into things and make mischif ( have I mentioned that?).
This is when I need Carrie here to tell it too and she can laugh and give me a better perspectve. Apparently, I left Nathaniel to his own devices for too long. I went into the bathroom to make sure everything was ok and I found the sink drain stuffed with raisins and sunflower seeds, all wet and very messy. I was NOT happy and didn't sound too happy when I found it. Carrie would have laughed until she choked, and then told me this is all I ever wanted. Of course she is correct and today it does seem a lot funnier than last night. I need to learn the proper perspective sooner I think, especially since Carrie isn't here to tell all of Nathaniels exploits too.
Have a great day and don't take messes too seriously. God is great at cleaning them up...I know!

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