Sunday, July 13, 2014

Desperate but not serious

I am a product of the 80's and one of my favorite singers of that decade was Adam Ant. I was recently listening to one of his songs...Desperate, but not Serious and I started thinking how true those words really are for most of us if not all.  I will tell you I am desperate to loose weight and exercies but anyone who knows me knows how easily I quit. It is the same with anything and for anyone. We as a society are desperate for change and answers but we all want a quick fix or a pill or a book that will take care of whatever it is we want changed. I have a friend who has lost over a hundred pounds and do you know how she did it? She was serious! She was past desperate and wanted change enough to do something about it. Has it been easy? Has it been quick? No! Has she wanted to quit? Has it been difficult? Yes! She will be the first to tell you that she had to get to a point where she was both desperate and serious for this jounry to happen. She had to say enough is enough. We all need this. We have to hit rock bottom usually for us to get motivated enough to do anything that requires real work. So many of us will moan and groan and find others to sit with who agree how misserable we are. We are tired of being over weight, we are tired of not having anything in savings, we are tired of a messy house, we are tired....but we need to get serious or to finally use a different word, intentional. I know I do, I have no right to complain over and over if I am not going to do anything about it. There is no pill or quick fix for anything that matters or counts in life, except when you accept Christ, that is quick easy and you can do it now, but that is another blog and even that once you have done it you need to study, pray be discipled etc. in order to truly grow as a christian. I am trying to get serious about several things and I will share those in the next several days. I can no longer just be desperate, being desperate isn't enough. The next time I hear the Adam Ant song I don't think I will listen to it the same way....see the 80's music can teach us something :D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My personal retreat

 I went away this weekend, okay more like ran away. Life has been crazy lately and I have not been spending time with God like I should. I could feel it and it wasn't good. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew God had a plan even if I didn't so I went expecting to meet my Savoir and I wasn't disappointed. I was blessed beyond what I could have imagined. Why was I so surprised? God loves to spend time with me, He wanted to meet me in my hotel room and spend time with me, speaking to me hearing me cry out and worshiping Him. The fellowship was truly special.

I packed up my Bible, journal, a couple of books and devotionals. I went to the store to pick up some pens, highlighters and some insight as to what to expect. I was wanting God to speak, I knew I wanted a memorial to mark this weekend and remember, much like the Old Testament memorials. As  I was walking up and down the aisles I saw some small ceramic cups. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the song and story Broken and Spilled Out, it has been my personal prayer for 20 plus years. I love the idea of being broken and used by the master potter. I grabbed a small cup knowing I wanted to have communion with my Lord. I went to another store and came up with a small ornate box but still felt I was missing a big piece of my weekend. I had been up and down every aisle and was about to give up when I saw a small bag of old fashioned keys, I felt that this was it but couldn't fathom why.

I went to my room to prepare for my weekend. I was excited to get started, I prayed, I worshiped, I opened God's Word. The first verse God gave me was so amazing and I knew it was my promise for my weekend, it is Hosea 6:1-3 Come let me return to the Lord, for it is He who has torn and He will heal me.He has struck down and He will bind me up. After 2 days He will revive me, on the 3rd day He will raise me up, that I may live before Him.Let me know, let me press on to know the Lord.His appearing is as sure as the dawn, He will come to me like the showers, like the spring rains that water the earth.  I found this exciting because I would be at my hotel for 3 days. This was a promise for me. I researched key/keys, I didn't even scratch the surface but it was thrilling. A key represents a treasure, give it to someone and it says I want you to have control, power...I trust you! Each key I had represented a different aspect I needed to let go of or give to God. I prayed over each one, I cried out about my fears, concerns and worries and ultimately laid each one in the box and at God's feet. I used my cup for the Lord's Supper and then broke it and put it too in the box. An amazing weekend all around, God didn't just show up He restored me. Did I mention the cup, which I had purchased before the keys had a key symbol on the bottom...a coincidence, I don't think so :D The ride home which was 2 hours was a great ending to a fantastic weekend i will never forget. God I love you!!!!