Sunday, July 13, 2014

Desperate but not serious

I am a product of the 80's and one of my favorite singers of that decade was Adam Ant. I was recently listening to one of his songs...Desperate, but not Serious and I started thinking how true those words really are for most of us if not all.  I will tell you I am desperate to loose weight and exercies but anyone who knows me knows how easily I quit. It is the same with anything and for anyone. We as a society are desperate for change and answers but we all want a quick fix or a pill or a book that will take care of whatever it is we want changed. I have a friend who has lost over a hundred pounds and do you know how she did it? She was serious! She was past desperate and wanted change enough to do something about it. Has it been easy? Has it been quick? No! Has she wanted to quit? Has it been difficult? Yes! She will be the first to tell you that she had to get to a point where she was both desperate and serious for this jounry to happen. She had to say enough is enough. We all need this. We have to hit rock bottom usually for us to get motivated enough to do anything that requires real work. So many of us will moan and groan and find others to sit with who agree how misserable we are. We are tired of being over weight, we are tired of not having anything in savings, we are tired of a messy house, we are tired....but we need to get serious or to finally use a different word, intentional. I know I do, I have no right to complain over and over if I am not going to do anything about it. There is no pill or quick fix for anything that matters or counts in life, except when you accept Christ, that is quick easy and you can do it now, but that is another blog and even that once you have done it you need to study, pray be discipled etc. in order to truly grow as a christian. I am trying to get serious about several things and I will share those in the next several days. I can no longer just be desperate, being desperate isn't enough. The next time I hear the Adam Ant song I don't think I will listen to it the same way....see the 80's music can teach us something :D

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