Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update on the move

 Well I obviously need to update things and get better about blogging...again. We do have carpet for those that don't know. It took a couple of more weeks so around the beginning of November. We are grateful and the kids are finally more settled into their rooms. I loved decorating for Christmas although it was the first time in probably 10 years we didn't have Grandma O'Dell's stocking hanging. She chose not to come for fear it would be too cold and she had already traveled for Thanksgiving and the beginning of December to see other family and was tired of traveling. Now to undecorate (not as fun). Most of our boxes are unpacked and I am still trying to figure out where to put everything. I guess I still have too much :S The weather has been mild up here in North Dakota almost too mild. The kids really wanted a white Christmas and we didn't get it. Those who have lived here for years are very grateful for the mild winter and I guess it is good for us to slowly get use to it but it would be nice to have some snow. The kids are doing well and the boys shined in the kids Christmas musical at church. Jennifer loves singing in the Junior High choir at school and now helps on Wednesday nights in the nursery, she loves being with the little ones! I am getting settled and praying about what God would have me to do here. Paul is amazing at all he does, but that is not a surprise :) I love being in a new adventure with Paul and our kids. Yes I still miss my family and friends but I am thrilled to be somewhere I have never been. There is much to get use to and I love it! No getting bored with snow and coffee shops and new people to meet! i would love for many of you to visit us and see all that we get to be a part of. I pray each of you has a blessed New Year and God grows you in new and exciting ways. I pray the same for myself. 2012 I hope to blog more :S lets see if I keep this resolution. 

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Tamara said...


HUGZ TO YOU AND YOURS! And I miss coffee together...