Wednesday, February 20, 2013

E= enough

I was driving down the road today and my gas tank was almost on E. I remember someone once telling me e=enough...just enough to work or the store or the next time I stop. He ran out of gas more than once.  I then realized I do the same thing with God. I am always wanting just enough of Him to get by on. If life is in a panic like it was with SSI this last week I come to Him often, crying out praying, reading looking for guidance, assurance, peace, etc. Then when the crisis is overted or over I back off...why? It seems most of us want just enough of a lot of things to get by. I only drink the minium of water of healthy choices in food and then go right back to soda, junk food etc. We want a quick fix with minimal effort. Haven't I figured out by now that enough is not God's best for me. Why don't I want to be filled to overflowing? Why do I quit when things start looking up, when I am almost there? We loose focus and get lazy, I am great at mediocre...not good!!! I have the God of the universe as my Father and He wants what is best. Is it any wonder He allows crisis to happen in my life just so I will run back to Him? I am tired of living with enough...I want an abundance of His grace, mercy, peace, strength, love, wisdom, etc.!! Enough is not enough, I want to overflow!

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Tamara Swerline said...

Even so, my dear friend, AMEN!