Thursday, February 26, 2009


I know there are 7 deadly sins...truthfully aren't all sins deadly? That is why we need Christ. Anyway that isn't what I was intending to say. Out of the 7 deadly I can tell you that the one I struggle with ( OK it isn't even a struggle,,,) is slothfulness. Although gluttony runs a screaming second. You would think being a stay at home mom I would accomplish so much. Nope, the more time I have the less I tend to do. I work much better under pressure. You can see how I have neglected my blogging. I love doing this and it is great therapy for me but....lazy!!! I have lots of projects started or running through my mind but most never get completed. This runs in my family, my mom will agree with this about me and herself as well. I need help. Any one that has any great advice or better yet scripture I can pray over and over I would really appreciate. I need to break free from this and I need accountability. I don't need nagging, judging, or complaining....I can do that myself. I know God doesn't like a sloth, hence the deadly sin. I don't like being this way but don't have the will power to stop. It is like going on a diet YUCK that isn't even a fun word. I need Mary Poppins out look for cleaning and any thing else that requires energy and gumption. Thank God He loves many anyway but I know He doesn't want me to stay this off to do more laundry and maybe something else:0

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The Reinolds said...

Col. 3:23 kicks my booty. That whole "whatsoever ye do" thing, you know? Just a verse from another lazy person. :)