Monday, February 23, 2009


I have a tattoo....some of you are no doubt surprised. I was :D Growing up getting a tattoo never entered my mind. So here is the story of how and why things changed and I now have one.
3 years ago (aprox.) I stared really spending time with God in a new way for me. I was seeking Him, reading, praying, fasting, needing to draw close and have a fresh outlook. I didn't even know why I just knew God wanted more of me. I have never had good self esteem. I didn't date (not even prom). More than once I was told I was "nice" but...Looking back I know God protected me from a lot. I really started getting "IT" I am beautiful!!!!! God loves me, He is in love with me, He thinks I am breathtakingly beautiful!!!! I don't think 99% of us really believe that and it is sad. Paul is a wonderful husband, but he isn't perfect, I don't get as many compliments as I would like, I don't always feel like I am pretty to him ( my problem not just his)But it doesn't matter what anyone else may think I am beautiful to the GREAT I AM!!!!! Doesn't that just blow your mind? I have the tattoo as a reminder of what God thinks of me. In the Old Testament, they would put up memorials to remember what God had done. My tattoo is my memorial of what God has taught me. I pray I never forget. How can I with my beautiful reminder! By the way Paul does believe I am beautiful too. You are beautiful too, and if you need a tattoo...go for it :D

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