Friday, May 8, 2009


Well Monday was Nathaniel's birthday now today is Jennifer's. She is 11 today. She is all girl...moods and all. She is already acting like a teenager. She is having a girly party with NO boys ( ie her brothers) they can give her presents after the party at home. She can start crying for no apparent least as far as daddy and her brothers can see. She is very emotional and still loves pink more than ever. She and 3 friends are getting their nails done today. She will then come home and watch High School Musical. If she is like this now what will she be like when she is 15? Do I want to know? NO, I try and take each day as it comes. I look forward to enjoying the days ahead. Sometimes I still get glimpses of my little girl (she still loves to color, just like her mom). Sometimes I get overwhelmed at wondering what the future holds for her and us.Will she ever be independent, will she get married, will she alway be hungry, etc. I try and lay it all at God's feet and LEAVE it there. She is a joy and she drives me crazy. I am going to write a childrens book called The Cranky Princess (Princess Ju Ju). I am going to dedicate it to Jennifer and my sister Carrie. I think is might be a good reminder for me as well. I am a princess to the King of Kings and I can get very cranky. I wonder what God thinks? Am I a joy and do I drive Him crazy? I see so many parallells in our lives. God uses Jennifer and the boys to show me so much. I love being a mom I just need reminding sometimes...Praise God, He doesn't need reminding that He loves me, even when I am cranky....See you after the nail party :D


Shauna Rae said...

Aww. Happy Birthday Jennifer! I miss ya'll so much. Jennifer was always so sweet and such a joy to be around. Hope she has a wonderful time getting her nails done & pampered for the day.

Good luck Ms. Goldie with your childrens book. Let me know when you get it published, I would love to have a copy. Miss ya'll & love ya'll.

The Reinolds said...

Happy Birthday to my Birthday twin! Hope her nails look gorgeous!

Ditto on letting me know when the book is published. I have a feeling that I will have a cranky princess to deal with (err.. love ;) ) in a couple of years.

Love you guys!

Holly said...
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Holly said...

I bet the Cranky Princess near Stone Mountain would carry your book! Check out their website