Monday, May 4, 2009


Four year ago today. I went to the Dr. for a check up. It was Wednesday and and Paul was graduating with a masters at Southwestern(with honors!!!) after 4 long years. I was going to watch him graduate!! I may not have taken the tests or written the papers but I was with him in ministry 100%. I had lived on little money and no spending (something I was not good at but was learning),I prayed on my knees for him and us,I had taken classes and was learning a lot too, I was an officer for the wives club on campus. I was with him all the way and proud!!! I was excited this Wednesday, everything was going great. I had a maternity dress that was given to me new for the graduation. My pregnancy was going great...better than the last two. Then I have my blood pressure checked and it is high...way high!!! They have me lay on my left good, still high :( They then tell me I am not leaving. As a matter of fact they tell me to call Paul (we only had the one vehicle) and tell him he better meet me at the hospital next door, with my bag(not packed).I hadn't eaten all day and now I wasn't allowed to. I was not happy or nice about that. I had a c-section at 6:00 p.m. (still hungry). Nathaniel and I didn't get home until Sat. evening...after graduation and Jennifer's birthday party. I was bummed but I couldn't complain, I had NATHANIEL!!!!!
Now today he turns 4 years old. He is always running and full of energy. He has a great vocabulary and wants to be just like his big brother. He is getting a bike today so he can ride like Levi. He wants to know everything and he wants to know now! He tells me that he loves me ( something I never get tired of hearing) and when ever I am sad he asks if I am missing Aunt Carrie, or Ms.Dana. He is wise beyond his years and I love it when he bugs his brother and sister...I remember those days myself. He loves to do it himself...most of the time, and loves being a big kid, but not too big ( his words not mine) He likes staying home and playing or the park. He want me to get little so I can play more with him. He is a delight, and exhausting. I thank God for him. I didn't think I would have a third (we tried for 2 and half years) God is good!! I often tell my children I know God loves me, and the reason I know is because He gave me 3 kids...I am blessed!!!!
I love my sweet baboo!!!!

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