Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saying goodbye

I do not like change, even when I am doing something I don't care for at least it is familiar. Change, even good change is stressful. Saying good bye is even worse for me, and now I get to do both. I also need to teach my children these life lessons. Change is inevitable and so is saying goodbye. Even if I never move again I still have to deal with goodbyes when others I care about move or even die. So here I go having to do both. The more I love the harder to say goodbye. Is it worth getting close? I think so, pain is inevitable and loving is worth the pain. I love my family and I wouldn't trade my relationship with them for anything. Because of this saying good bye is going to be very difficult in a couple of weeks. I know without a doubt I will cry and that is ok. I hope my kids realize it is ok also. I know I am doing what God wants and being where He has called me is where
I need to be. My family and I will still be close even if we cannot see each other as often. I also know they will support me and pray for me and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Yes saying good bye is hard but only because I love my family and friends so much. These last 4 years have been a healing, growing, learning and waiting and now it it time to move on and say good-bye and I love you, and even shed a few tears.

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Kelli said...

Amen sister! Change stinks but God has called some of us to lives that involve lots of it!! Never easy but I pray we and our kids will be stronger for it. In our family we say that we dont' say "goodbye" we say "see you later" or "see you soon"!! Praying for you today!!