Friday, June 3, 2016

Turning 50

This post will most likely short but also the beginning, again, of many. I just turned 50 and I have been contemplating all that it means to me. I am sure it is different for everyone but I have really thought about what I should do with this time in my life. So after a lot of different ideas, some of which I still may do, I have decided that I will write 50 new blog posts over the next year. I have woefully neglected my blog. I enjoyed it for so long and it helps me remember things I have noticed, learned, loved, and grown because of. So I am making myself accountable by doing this. No one may ever read any of this besides myself and that is okay. I want to look back over this year and even past that to my 50 years and remember. God has brought me this far and I know He won't leave me now. I want to write it down because, let's face it, my memory isn't grand. I want to look back when I, like the Israelites forget. I want my children to see what God has done and will do. I want 50 to be amazing. It starts today, actually it began just over a week ago. I realize that means one post a week maybe more but God shows me things daily through my children, job, church, friends, and just life in general. I need to just be aware of it. So here is to 50 and all that I want it to be!

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