Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas...what happend to the miracle

I just saw an ad for rollover minutes and they called it a "Christmas miracle". I have a real problem with this. We live in a society that thinks it is ok to murder an unborn child and yet rollover minutes are a "miracle" I have a hard time even asking God to forgive us for such things. I sometimes think "just give us what we really deserve" I am more than grateful that I serve a merciful and gracious Lord, I certainly don't deserve anything good that I get. I don't think we spend enough time trying to grasp what God has done and what Christmas is really about. I can ask my kids why we celebrate and Levi will quickly answer "it is Jesus' Birthday" but he says it like he is bored and doesn't really care. I know that I must change so my family and friends can see why I celebrate. We have several ornaments that have Christ as the theme, a children's nativity set, a advent calander that tell's Christs birth, we put money in the bell ringer red kettles, and we attend Christmas Eve services, but I still feel it is only a passing nod that we do so we can have fun with the cookies and gifts. I am praying that God would change me and help me to really celebrate the true miracle of this Christmas. I honestly think of the cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and wonder if I could have everything taken away, would I still wake up and sing because I am celebrating Christ's Birth. Try watching the movie from a new perspective and praise God for sending Christ to us...we certainly do not deserve such a miracle, thank God He sent Him anyway!!!!!

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