Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving is getting ripped off

Well it is definatly December and Christmas. Paul and I go round and round every year about when to start decorating. He loves to do it Thanksgiving weekend, and jokes about startingeven sooner, he tried to put up a wreath in October. I like to wait until at least Monday after. I like to enjoy my Thanksgiving as just that and not rush Christmas. It seems to me that Thanksgiving is lucky to get a passing nod on the way to the chaos of the Christmas madhouse. We complain that Christmas is too commercial and exhausting but we run willingly to get there just as fast as we can. Our kids are too greedy but we don't stop and explain Thanksgiving or even enjoy it ourselves. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday growing up ( that and the 4th of July) neither is full of "stuff" but they are the 2 times I remember spending time with all my family. I am very social and I thrived on these times. I also wonder even though Christmas is suppose to be about Christs birth if God is pleased with how most of us celebrate it. I know God wants us to be thankful and I think He may be saddened by our rush to just get through Thanksgiving so we can start shopping and singing Frosty the Snowman. Honestly we should be thankful all year round and sometimes we are the least thankful this time of year with all the stress, and busyness of the season. Remember even though Thanksgiving is over to thank God and try to enjoy all those parties ( it means you have friends). Just for the record we didn't start decorating until Dec. 3. We did listen to Christmas music on our trip to California for Thanksgiving. I call that compromise, Paul may disagree.

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In His Image Photos said...

Too funny. Paul would like our house then.. we have a bad habit of leaving Christmas decorations up until around March..