Thursday, January 22, 2009

stuck...praying for help

It is a good thing that my New Year's resolution wasn't to keep up with my blog more...I would be sadly failing. Well that is what happens to most resolutions anyway. Nathaniel just found a box of packing peanuts, and is having a grand time with them. My sister and I would make faces on them and have wars with each other. I miss that kind of creativity and I am glad that Nathnaniel is now playing with something so simple that he has to use his imagination.
We as a family all had Monday off so we headed to Wal-Mart...isn't that what everyone does with there day off and family time? Well Paul planned on stopping at the river bed first. Something I was not told or prepared for. I wore flats and long jeans. The river bed has very soft sand and water (equals mud). The boys loved it, and I am so thankful that all three were playing together, trying to skip rocks, get wet, etc. There wasn't a lot of water so you "can" drive down near the edge. Not something encouraged by most unless you have a ATV...we have a minivan. Well we got stuck. I had just used at least two dozen wipes to clean my shoes, feet, jeans, and hands, and now I had to get out and help dig us out. The sand was all the way up to the door on the front of the van. Paul found some boards ( probably from someone else getting stuck there) we dug, and dug, and dug, the kids helped. I told the kids lets stop and pray. Jennifer and Levi were not so sure about this but Nathaniel was all for it. We held hands, Nathaniel and I prayed, the others chose not to. When we finished Nathaniel asked if "Jesus was going to help us dig now?" I said ,"He just might". In less than two minutes Paul was able to back out and get unstuck,(by the way I never complained to Paul about any of this, it was actually kind of fun). I stopped and said "thank you Jesus" mostly so the kids could hear and see that God does care and answer. Nathaniel imediately said "mommy Jesus just said you're welcome!" I loved it!! I bet God does love it when we say thank you, and if we listen I know He says "you're welcome". Oh to be more like a child.

All of this was so much more fun than Wal-Mart or staying home watching T.V. Thank you Jesus for a great Monday with my family!!


Jenn said...

Oh so sweet! That brought tears to my eyes...I look forward to hearing sweet comments like that from Luke as he gets older.

The Reinolds said...

I love it!!

I gave you an award.. check out my blog!