Friday, January 9, 2009

Jennifer's IEP ...So proud!!!

Yesterday we had Jennifer's IEP (individualized educational plan). We have one of these at least once a year and sometimes more. All of her teachers, therapests, Special Ed. director and Paul and I were there. It was long and there was a lot to go over. Reading and understanding some of those reports are really fun. She was tested, observed, talked to and every thing else you can think of. To try and put it in words that make sense isn't easy so bare with me...she is doing great!!!! They are very impressed with her abilities, and wanting to succeed. She is spelling on grade level! Her reading is her strong suit. She is averaging at a 7 yr. old but compared to her testing and others she is over achieving! A lot of children platue at this age and parents do not push to succeed. We try and expect more from Jennifer ( the teachers said) than most parents. She can tell time and her math and writing skills continue to improve. She is very social and the other children are starting to include her (playing tag etc.) . When we go to the store it seems everone knows her and says hi.
We know that God is the reason for all of this and we give Him all the praise. We know that it is a hard road we are on with her but we are sooo blessed. She had great teachers in Florida, both in school and church (THANKS VICKI!!! ) Holly was also alway encouraging. We have been very fortunate and are grateful. Eating is still a concern and she seems to be getting bigger. Her teachers did say that she seems more active and is running more. I am trying to keep her and I motivated (pray for us both). She is at the very highest end of mild retartation. I know God gave her the teachers she needed everywhere she has been and again I want to say thank you. She really is my "sweet cheeks" and a precious princess. I am soooo proud of her!!!!!

by the way as a side note she is very "normal". When asked to draw and talk about her home life, she drew a girl that was usually happy but complained about having to clean her room and too many chores :D
Paul and I just laughed about that.


The Reinolds said...

Love the part about her complaining about cleaning her room.

"Normal"??? I don't think I know any "normal" people. :) Jennifer fits all of us just fine.

On a serious note, God is good! What a great report!

Jenn said...

That's awesome Goldie! I am so happy for her and ya'll...I know that is a hard thing for parents as well as the students. And you're right, those meetings can be super long and in depth. I am so proud of her! and ya'll!

Holly said...

Way to go Jennifer!!!! She is growing into such a young lady. Good for her showing them a thing or two;) As for her intellectual functioning, I would rather have a conversation with her than some "typical" people. The thing I love most about her is her honesty, in all of its brutality lol. I miss her. and you!!!!