Monday, January 12, 2009

birthday boy

Levi is 8. It is hard to believe. He is tall skinny and brilliant! He loves science and solving things. His party is at the end of the week. We are going to be doing experiments, and investigating things. Paul is in charge of that part. Levi is shy and loves his family. He takes good care of his brother and sister. He asks questions that I can't begin to answer and has a faith in God that amazes me. He does complain about school being boring and life not being fair. He always wants whatever toy is being advertised. He is an advertiser's dream. But he quickly moves on to the next new things. He is a lot like Paul but there is also a lot of me and my sisters in him. He is very creative and I don't doubt that what ever he decides to do with his life he will be able to accomplish. He is always coming home with girls phone numbers. I don't let him call them, he is still way too young. I am proud of him and I thank God for such a wonderful son!!

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Holly said...

Looks like you have taken a page from Ros's handbook of Happy Birthdays.

By the way, it is not good for him to call his FAVORITE girl, Callahan is long distance you know and Courtney is too young to get phone calls from boys.
Thought about your kids this weekend while we were riding. The purity of their laughter is priceless~