Monday, May 16, 2011

13, middle school and diabetes

What a crazy couple of weeks we have had here in the O'Dell house. Two birthdays only four days apart both with parties on the same weekend and then music programs at school, middle school tour and doctor appointments and lets not forget Mother's Day. I think this all happens at once so I am wanting summer vacation for the kids as much as they do. Jennifer is now 13...a teenager. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around this. I think it is hard because I don't want to be old enough to have a teenager but alas it is the truth. I remember having my beautiful girl and how thrilled I was to have that first Mother's Day gift. She was and still is a treasure to me and always will be. She is so excited to be 13. For some reason she thinks it is a magic number where everything changes, she gets a boyfriend, wears makeup, life is better some how. Boy is she wrong about a lot of it. She is not getting a boy friend, she is not wearing makeup, but I do pray life is better for her. Becoming a teenager is exciting, it means growing up it means middle school. We got to tour the middle school and meet the special education teacher,  and some others. She was very excited (so she said) I also think she is apprehensive. Change is not easy for anyone but for a special needs kid routine is key. She has been a lot more weepy and keeps saying she is going to miss her current teacher. It is a lot to process even under the best of circumstances. She also knows we may be moving over the summer and that will change even more of her routine. She and I also went to Tucson for her Endocrinology appointment on Monday. They informed us that she has the beginning of type 2 diabetes. This is very common in prader willi children and it does run in our family ( my sister had type 1 and Paul's mom has type 2) Jennifer only knows that Aunt Carrie died and was a little scared. I assured her that Carrie had it for 42 years, had a heart attack and it was type 1. The doctor was very gracious and not patronizing (a nice change from most). She wants us to move more and eat lots of veggies. She didn't condemn either one of us just wants us to try and get it under control without any medication if we can. It was a great wake up call for me. I knew we should be eating better but I get lazy and now I can't, I have no excuses. We ride bikes together, play on the Wii together and eat our veggies together. I know this will get harder as we try and cut out so much junk but I have a great reason to. I have actually been beating myself up. I knew this was a concern and I still had junk in the house. Sugar is every bit as addicting as any other drug of choice. I also hate telling Jennifer no when she want more food. I know it is best for her but the mom in me hates it. I wonder how mom's who don't have any food for their children do it. It breaks my heart and it must break theirs. It is not the way we are suppose to do it. Mothers are suppose to give their children food when they are hungry and I hate telling her she can't have it when she feels like she is starving. I think it is an absolutely cruel syndrome. I know we are all learning so much from it but learning is very painful at times. I look forward to the banqueting table in Heaven where she can eat what ever she wants and how much she wants! My daughter is growing up and while I can't stop it I can enjoy every minute of it. She is so precious to me and I couldn't love her anymore if I tried. My princess will always be my princess no matter where life takes us and I am glad we have made it to 13! She makes me a better person. I see God's love in her so much. She loves more than most I know and God shows me all the time how much He loves me by using her as an example. I always wanted to me a wife and mother and I can never doubt His love for me, he gave me a wonderful husband and 3 incredible kids...I am blessed!!!!!

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