Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Time

Summer time is here, and it is obvious. We have already hit 100 degrees, we have been to the free movies in town, friends have spent the night, we have had a picnic complete with hot dogs and potato salad, and my kids have told me they are bored. Aahh, summer, visions of lazy days and lemonade, but so far it as only been a vision. I seem busier than ever. I even have a hard time keeping up on laundry and grocery shopping. What happened to those lazy days I would look forward too? I don't know how my kids can be bored,we have been to the pool, the movies, the mountains, Pizza Hut, played games, made homemade donuts and more. I don't have time to be bored, how can they? It also tells me just how fast this summer is going and I don't know where it is taking us. Every time I read my Bible or devotional I Me, I will not let you down, I will hold you, I have a plan. I don't doubt God in any of this but the waiting is hard. I also have been hearing, wait on Me, rest in Me. I don't know maybe I am doubting, I have never been without food, clothes or shelter so why worry now? I think I just want to know where we will be next month. Maybe I am not ready to hear the answer yet, maybe I need to rest more and worry less. Sounds like a great plan but so hard to apply. I am so busy with the kids etc. I don't have time ( at least that is my excuses) to be still. I even try, I get up at 6am and so do my kids, I get up at 5:15am and so do my kids, arrgghh. It is so hard but something I need to learn. God doesn't have to tell me His plans I just need to be ready to go. So the question I pack or hold off, do I get all our medical records or wait, do I tell the schools I need records or not? I don't like the unknown but God is God and I am not. Don't I expect my kids to not always question everything, to trust me, to wait? Hmmm maybe I need to do the same thing? Lead by example is what I need to do. This summer will be over before I know it and I will look back and know exactly where I am in my Father's hands. Whether in Safford, San Jose, North Dakota, Alaska, Alabama, Tucson, or somewhere else entirely, that is the best place to always be and praise God, He will go with me anywhere.


Tamara said...

June 2... and now it's July 17... time for an update? It may get your mind off some things.


Tamara said...

Time to update the blog? Might serve to get your mind off things. I'm just sayin'