Monday, August 22, 2011

Up & down and all around

Reading back over my last entry I can't believe summer break is over. Our summer was very busy with time spent with family, going to the big D in California, camp homefront, lots of sleepovers and a week in North Dakota. The kids are back in school and we have a routine of sorts. I am still waiting on God but not for the same things as before. I am still learning or at least being taught to trust Him. So many questions have been answered but guess just left me with a bunch of different ones. 
Here is how summer was. We have been waiting to hear from God about what the next step is for us and where. We were pretty sure it was somewhere near seminary in California. Lots of churches and secular jobs had Paul's resume. So we prayed lots and waited more. Alaska said no thanks, and others are still "looking" at the resumes. Summer was going fast and our stress was mounting. Paul had several interviews and still we waited. The kids were asking "are we moving, do we know where God wants us yet?" etc.It was even getting to them. Then the end of July Paul had another interview, when it was over we waited. The next day we had plane tickets for the whole family to go to North Dakota for a week. They wanted to meet us all. We went and helped with VBS and Paul preached and lead worship. It was a fun but exhausting. We met lots of people and had lunch or dinner with someone different every day. The kids did super with all  the running around. We came home and still knew nothing. The church called the next day and said they wanted to vote on us that Sunday. They did and Paul left Wednesday morning for a 3 day drive. We are still here waiting and praying for more miracles and answers. Housing is very hard to get so we need a miracle in order to join Paul. We hate being apart and yet realize we are blessed. So many families are apart for long periods of time and are even in dangerous situations. Our prayers have changed from where are we suppose to be to please provide a place to live and be with us as we are all apart. We wanted to move over the summer but God had other plans. We are not looking forward to saying goodbye to everyone, it is always the hardest part, but we know this is where God has called us. I can tell you I never even had North Dakota in my mind as a place to go. I am not apposed to it i just didn't think of it. I couldn't even tell you where in the United States it was located...I do now :) I have never lived in snow but I will now. I am both excited and sad for all the changes happening. I can say I am glad we are going forward after being in the wilderness for so long. There will be new challenges and reasons to cry out to God but the next step has finally come. Now to get packing.

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Tamara said...

Isaiah 6:8
New International Version (NIV)

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Love you, mean it!