Monday, June 11, 2012

Camp Homefront 2012

Another year has come and gone on Camp Homefront. This was our 4th year and the kids still love it. What started as a one time guilty idea on Moms part has blown into an annual memory making tradition for all of us. The first year our kids had wanted to go to church camp and due to a communication error on Daddy and Mommy's part it didn't happen so I got to work thinking of things to make home just as fun. I surprised them early Monday morning with a camp schedule that started with putting our tent in the living room (we were fortunate our living room was very large) and from there we hit the floor running. I had crafts, activities, new recipes, games, outings and more on the schedule. Most of what I had scheduled was new so we also got to learn lots. We get to spend so much time together and the kids can't say they are bored (at least they better not lol) I don't just plan the activities I do them all with the kids. This is Levi's favorite part, his love language is quality time ( Gary Chapman...The 5 Love Languages) I don't talk on the phone, read, or get on the computer (this one is hard for me). The kids loved that first year so much that they ask for it every summer now. I spend all year gathering ideas for things to do and find myself getting just as excited as they do. By the end of the week I am broke, tired and glad to sleep in but it is so worth it all. I pray this is making terrific memories for each of my kids, I know it is for me and one day I am going to miss it so much. Maybe I can save all my ideas for grand-kids, if I think I am tired now I can't imagine how I will feel in 10 years doing this. :D

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Tamara Swerline said...

OH GOLDIE! A POST!!! AND it is all about Camp Homefront! Thank you for allowing us a peek into your life!