Monday, November 17, 2008

moving mountains

God has once again been speaking to me. Something I am both grateful for and amazed by, even if it isn't always easy to take. Most of us, including myself only pray half heartedly unless we are in soooo deep we are beyond desperate. American churches ( there are exceptions) have settled for mediocrity and shout hallaluiah about it. We don't see God at work because we have taken HIM for granted so long it is all we know. Our pastor talked on this yesterday and I really was convicted. I pray when I am nodding off in bed, I praise God lukewarmly ( and we all know what God does with that...Puke!) How often do I fall to my knees...literally and worship or cry ABBA FATHER? God loves me and wants a realationship with me. He loves to hear me worship Him and cry out to Him. He will move mountains, He is the God of miracles STILL. God doesn't need me to defend Him, He is a big God and He can handle it. If I pray and the answer is no I don't need to "explain" to anyone. God can do what He wants to when He wants to.
God has been speaking to me for years about something He wants for me and I keep putting it off and making excuses as to why I am not doing it. Well no more! God will provide and equip for what He calls. I am trusting and believing in the God of creation, my Lord and Savior!!! I am not a "name it and claim it"person. I don't expect perfect health, or great amounts of money, but My GOD will provide all my NEEDS!!!!!
Pray and expect to hear from your Savior!