Thursday, November 6, 2008

my sister

Monday was November 3rd. My sister Carrie would have been 45 years old. I was going to write then but I was in the emergency room all day with a uti, dehydration and symptoms of a heart attack (that is another story). I also realize I probably would not have felt like writing then any way. It was exactly 5 months since she was found dead in her apartment. Sometimes it feels so long ago and other times it seems like I was just talking to her.

For those of you who didn't have the priviledge to know her I want to share a little. This may not matter to you but it does me a load of good! She was not perfect, she could be very grouchy, nasty, and even down right mean, but I usually needed to hear what she had to say. She loved tea and tea parties, she loved earrings, and not just normal ones either. The bigger the better and if they were unique that was the best. She loved to write and dreamed of being a published author one day. I have several of her writings on a disk. She had the best memory in the family. We are all in trouble now because none of us remember anything without her. She LOVED her cute kids (Calvin, Jennifer, Levi, and Nathaniel) !! All of her friends knew their stories because she was so proud of them all. She was a great massage therapist, blind, and a great listener. She was the best at praying with me. She had 3 tattoos and her hair style and color would change often. She was a belly dancer that I never had the pleasure of seeing perform, I was always to far away. She loved her Savior passionatly!!! Most of you have already heard this but I needed to do this. Our family is still having a hard time and normal will never be the same. My kids still have her phone number memorized and I can't delete it from my phone.

Thanks for letting me share. My next entry should be more uplifting!


Deborah said...

You made me cry. But you also brought great memories to mind. It was only weeks before the Lord took Carrie that we started communicating again. I know the Lord planned it that way. I think of her everytime I read your thoughts and wish I had the chance to let her know just one more time how much I love her. She will be missed by us all, and we can keep her in thought always and know that the Lord has her in a better place. I love you all!!!xoxoxox

Mare said...

I will keep your family in my prayers during this time. I hope you are feeling better physically. I am glad we are reconnecting! Take Care!