Wednesday, November 12, 2008

we're back

Well we are back from our visit with friends in Sierra Vista. We had a great time catching up. This is where Jennifer and Levi were both born, so I always love going. It is a great size town, not too big or small. The weather was a little cool which of course I loved. I enjoyed Sunday worship. I have always gotten something out of Mark's sermons, and this time was no exception.
If I want to really be head over heals in love with my Savior I need to spend time with Him and act like I am in love. Nothing else will completly satisfy me. That doesn't mean my life will be perfect and trouble free! I think that is something we tend to forget, especially here in America. We feel we are owed something, or if we could just get a little more we would be ok...WRONG
This world is full of sin and hurting, broken, imperfect people, even christians. We need to remember that and keep our focus on Christ. We need to show the world that even with hurts and trials we still have a reason to sing and praise God. The world is desperately looking for answers. are we showing them what it can be like to fall in love we Jesus?

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