Friday, November 21, 2008

weekend away

Today I am leaving for the Women of Faith that will be in Phx. I can't wait. Just to get away will be nice. There are 9 going from my church and we leave in just a few hours. I love my family but I know most of you can appreciate that I need a little time away every once in a while. I am a stay at home mom and rarely have time for just me. Paul doesn't usually understand this need. He gets put everyday, although it isn't for pleasure. I am also a lot more social than he is. In his defense he may not "agree" that I "NEED" this time away, but he still lets me get away, even though it makes no sense to him. I am praying for a renewing, and direction from God, not just entertainment. I can't wait to hear from my Lord and really worship Him. I am blessed. Got lots to do so I am signing off. Catch you later! Pray for me

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