Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mosaics part 2

I have been truly fascinated with mosaics since God showed me the similarities between myself and them. I have researched more and more and continue to be amazed. Mosaic tiles are usually rough around the edges, boy do I feel that way. When they are broken parts shatter that are no longer usable, hhmm, ditto. You can use a lot of different colors and seriously make any picture or design imaginable. God can put my many parts back together to create anything, He desires. When making a mosaic you need the pieces to be very close together, almost touching. It is like healing, there will be a scar but the skin is connected. You can't just use anything to glue and seal the tiles. I can't just use anything to put myself back together, not drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, etc. I have to use God, His word, prayer, friends and family. If I don't I will break and shatter again or not be usable. Mosaics are often made out of glass, especially in churches because....they reflect the light. That is my hope to reflect the light of my Savior. 

Little things still are painful. Signing a card for a wonderful couple today at church that have been married 75 years was painful. I signed the card for our family and I didn't sign Jennifer's name. That was a first and it was so hard. Little pieces of mosaic if placed in the wrong place will change the picture or have to be removed, broken off and replaced. School days are easier than evenings or weekends. I can stay busy. Busy making a mosaic, waiting to see the finished project. Waiting to see what I will become, Waiting for the process to be finished. Just about anything can be covered in mosaic pieces. God is unlimited in what He can do. It takes time, just like any art work. You take your time and do your best, and that is what I want. I want it to take time to heal correctly and piece by piece. I don't know how long that will be and every piece of art is unique, so I will be different than even Paul or her brothers. We will each have our own beautiful look some day and I believe it will take years even to complete. I wonder if any artist out there is doing a continual mosaic project that is always being worked on. I have a feeling that is what I will be. I think Jennifer would have loved these rain boots. 

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