Monday, January 3, 2011


The New Year is here. A time of reflection and looking forward. A time to make some changes and hope they stick, aah that is the snag. It seems we wait for January 1st so we can plan all these great things (eating better, exercise more, get organized, spend less, stop smoking, etc. etc.) How long does it take us to blow it, a few days, a few hours? What amazes me is that we ( maybe I should say I ) give up so easily. Why? Of course we blow it, but why not try again? Why do we wait for the New Year? If I decide to start eating better and on January 4 I get a Big Mac and milk shake do I just quit trying for the whole year? Do I have to wait for a Monday? Why can't I just get up and do better for dinner instead of waiting. We tend to make excuses even as to why we wait ie "it is the weekend and I am running around so much, I will eat a salad Monday" I can order a salad at any fast food place I go to. I choose not to. That is were the problem lies, 'I choose" Change isn't easy, starting a new habit isn't either, it is doable though. I don't have to wait for any special day or time. I don't have to wait for the summer, or school to start, or even the New Year. I keep moving forward, I keep trying, I find accountability, I find encouragement. I don't give up! So while I have made a few resolutions ( most of which I have already messed up) I still go back to them.

1. I want to loose weight and eat better
2. I want to stop yelling.
3. I want to be more encouraging
4. I want to spend more time in the Word and prayer
5. I want to let those I care about know it.
6. I want to be more organized and less messy.

I will blow it,I will have to start over, but I will not give up! Don't stop trying, don't give up. Anything that takes work is worth it! Happy New Year! 

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