Wednesday, September 17, 2008

coffee ladies

Today is Wednesday. This is probably my hardest day of the week since leaving Callahan. I loved Wednesdays. We would have dinner at the church and always sit with Ms. Josie. I would then help with the kids program. Nathaniel was going to AWANA at 2yrs. old and learning about everything that God created. Paul would lead worship, and Jennifer and Levi went with me to the kids activities. Then we had choir practice. I loved it, Paul is so gifted in this area and I LOVE to sing! I sat next to my dearest friend Dana and after choir...Coffee Ladies!!! We would meet at someone's house around 9:30pm (usually Grace or Roseanna) and eat visit,prau,etc. until a ridicules hour like 1:00 am and I loved every minute of it. They loved me for me and we would share and encourage each other. We didn't need therapy because coffee ladies was therapy. They were trust worthy and I didn't have to pretend I was the "minister's wife", I could just be Goldie, a wife who got depressed, a mother who worried and a friend who hurt. I knew we were close but I didn't realize how close until we moved. Isn't that always the way. I sevve a jealous God and even though I may not have been the reason we moved, I do believe that God used it to show me that He needs to always be number one in my life. Since Carrie passed away I have felt it anew how much I don't turn to God first for everything. But I also know that He gave me my Coffee Ladies and I have been blessed by them so many times I can't count!!! If any of you read this please know I LOVE you all so much and I may need therapy soon if I can't talk to you all!!!!

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