Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lost tooth

Yesterday when I was picking up the kids from school, Levi would not smile at me, although he seemed happy enough. I asked him if everything was ok, and if anything happened at school. He just shook his head no so I dropped it for the moment. When we were in the van I Iooked into my rear view mirror and saw him trying not to smile, but it was too late...I caught him with his top front tooth out! He wanted to wait until we got home to show me and everyone else but he was too excited. It fell out at school in the middle of the day. He carried his tooth around in his pocket to show everyone. It just tells me that he is growing up a little too fast for me, although he looks terribly cute without it! He said talking is funny but he has a really cool trick. He drinks his milk at school through a straw and it fits perfectly in the gap. He loves it!!! My camera needs a battery so hopefully I will get a picture of him soon.
Speaking of pictures. Paul's mom and I took Nathaniel to get pictures taken this morning. He doesn't get them through school like Jennifer and Levi, and it has been way too long since they were taken. He even asked why there were not as many of him, AH the youngest deliema. I hope to have those in a couple of weeks. Might I say just how cute they turned out. If I can figure out how to scan them in or get Paul to do it I will try and post some. Take lots of pictures of those you love!!!

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vera said...

Oh I agree, takes lots of pictures, also don't forget to take a lot of you and Paul, they will want them later. Vera