Wednesday, September 10, 2008

picture day

Yesterday was Levi's school pictures and today is Jennifer's. I tell them often how blessed I am to have them and that they are smart, handsome, beautiful and great kids. I also know that they are getting different messages from school, especially Jennifer. They are both starting to realize that Jennifer isn't like the other kids. The kids at school tell her she is stupid and ugly, and the MaMa in me wants to go choke some kids (Bobbie is right there with me on this). Why don't we realize how powerful our words are? I think adults and especially christians don't take their words seriously enough either. We have poured our praise into our kids,and I can see a difference. Even though it bothers Jennifer she knows that she is loved by her family and an AMAZING GOD. She tells me she is a princess because of God! They both know that God loves them more than anything no matter what others say. We are now praying diligently for friends for them and for the kids that are not nice. Maybe that is what the kids are hearing about themselves somewhere as well. The children God has given to us are wonderful and I know they are proof of God's love and blessings on me. Please pray with me for friends and that they would show the love of Christ; me too. I need to watch my words as well.

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Vera said...

Goldie, this post really touched my heart. I know children can be so cruel. I will pray for your precious children and have the bible study on Tuesday to pray. This is so upsetting as if you all haven't had enough on you. Call me sometime if you get a chance Vera