Thursday, September 11, 2008

potty training

Ok, I have 3 children and even though Jennifer and Levi didn't potty train until they were ready. they did eventually. Nathaniel is almost 3 and a half and doesn't even get the concept of it. I can take away privleges and even try bribing with candy and he just doesn't get it. He says he wants to stay little. He is still in the nursery at church and is ok with it. I tell him he won't go to school in diapers and he says he will. He thinks even some adults wear diapers ( don't comment on that). I have tried a timer and he goes in between the times on the potty. I have tried putting him in underwear and he will still sit in it all day if I let him. I wet my pants for years, so maybe this is pay back. I am sure my Mom thinks it is funny. Nathaniel is definatly my strongwilled beast. I love him to pieces and Carrie LOVED all my Nathaniel stories, she even shared them with friends. Maybe that is what is bothering me the most. Carrie isn't here to call and give the latest story to so she can remind me this is what I have always wanted and prayed for. It is what she would have given anything for. She also ( after she was done laughing) would have prayed with me and offered any words ( always had words) of wisdom. I don't think Nathaniel would be doing any better with his potty training if she were still here, but I know I would be doing much better! By the way Nathaniel is completly naked from the waist down, just peed all over a towel and his shirt and is wondering why I need to change him, ARGHHH!!!!! Carrie would be laughing, maybe I should try it.

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dannahope said...

Good to hear how things are going! I miss you so much! We are thinking about doing potty training soon with Destiny- I am scared and nervous and hope it goes well. She seems to be interested so hopefully it will go smooth but if not will try again later. Will read your blogs from time to time to see how things are with you and the family. Give hellos and hugs to everyone, Danna