Friday, September 26, 2008

Fridays with Paul

Today is Friday, and it is one of my favorite days of the week. Paul and I spend the day together ( usually with Nathaniel as well). We don't get a lot of time together. His back is still a problem and seems to be getting worse to me. The days he works take everything out of him, so Fridays we get a few hours before he has to rest. We don't have money to spend on dates but that just means we have to be a little more creative. The weather is finaly getting nicer so we can go to the park (Nathaniel's favorite place), play a game or watch a movie. Last week we did a puzzle together. It really meant a lot to me because Paul doesn't care too much for them but they are one of my favorite things to do. He also usually makes dinner on Friday!! I love that. I am trying not to take him for granted and I am praying for his back. The Dr. he has now says he has a bulging disc and bone spurs, but they are not telling him anything to do for it. It is almost like here is the problem but to bad. I am really frustrated because it doesn't just affect Paul but the kids and myself as well. Please pray for all of us, we need it! Enjoy your time with your loved ones as much as possible.

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Vera said...

Oh your letter was so touching, I am so glad to hear you spend time with just you and Paul (well almost just you two) It doesn't take a lot of money, just a lot of creative planning. Sorry to hear about Paul's back, is he still able to work as the church secretary? It sounds like between the lines you may still be at his mom's. I am still praying Vera